Back in Business


The Weathervane is back in business.  After taking a year off from blogging about my life in politics, I have decided to give it ago again.  I did not have time during the campaign to post or blog.  It just was not an option. Now that we have won, gotten settled in and start to have some sense of normalcy to our schedule, I would like to start posting again.  If you are interested in following great, but I am going to change up the format of the blog.  My focus now will be on my family, insights (political and otherwise) of my time in Raleigh, North Carolina history and all things Southern.  I will pay particular attention to my geneology as we recently learned of some interesting twists in my heritage that literally rocked our core understanding of who we (the Weatherman family) are in this world. Hope you enjoy.


Video Invite to Dan Forest Hospitality Suite at the GOP State Convention Friday night.

Hal on WBT Radio Tomorrow


I will be on WBT radio with Tara tomorrow (Wed. 13th) for two segments starting at 4:03 pm talking terrorism. Check it out if you get a chance. Would love to have your feedback.

Had an awesome experience on Sunday in Richmond as I presented my "Connect the Dots" presentation to the State Convention of the Virginia Federation of Republican Women.

Many thanks to Rivers Edge Church in Davidson for allowing me to talk there Saturday night. If you missed it, the pastor invited me back to address the whole congregation in the near future. Stay tuned.

For those of you in Lincoln County, I will be speaking to the East Lincoln Republican Women on Tuesday, April 26th. Check out their website for details.

The 12th Imam


Link to a recent episode of Glenn Beck where he discusses Iran and messianic desires of its leadership. Joining Beck in studio is CBN's terrorist expert, Erick Stakelbeck, who will be one of our featured speakers at the Act for America National Conference this June 22-24th. Contact me if this conference interests you. Would love to have you attend. You will learn a lot.

Former CIA Director on Act for America TV


Check out former CIA Director Jim Woolsey on the latest episode of the Act for America TV show broadcast weekly in 190 markets nationwide on Family Net and American Life networks.

The Brotherhood's Deception


Re-post of a good concise overview of the Muslim Brotherhood's deceptive tactics.

Two, Four, Six, Eight... Time for a Caliphate


Interesting article from our friend Paul Sperry:

Hal in the News: Good, Bad or Otherwise


Act for America Television Show: Special Guest Sue Myrick


Latest episode of Act for America's television show.

Act for America TV: Episode 3 - The Muslim Brotherhood Overview


Latest episode of Act for America television show. This one features former FBI "subject matter expert" on the Muslim Brotherhood, John Guandolo. Enjoy

Upcoming Connect the Dots Presentations


In case you are interested, I will be conducting the Connect the Dots (2.0) presentation several times in the upcoming weeks in this region. If you are interested in details, email me at and I will send to you. Following are some of the dates/locations of upcoming presentations (non-exclusive list):

Tuesday, Feb. 22nd (Charlotte, NC)* This is a special showing of a similar presentation by a friend of mine, whom I will be introducing and moderating. Invite only. Contact me for details.
Monday, Feb. 28 (Washington, DC). Invite only event. See me for details.
Saturday, March 5 (Columbia, SC). Invite only event. See me for details.
Monday, March 7 (Charlotte, NC)
Tuesday, March 8 (Stanley County, NC)
Monday, March 21 (Cabarrus County, NC)
Saturday, April 9 (Davidson, NC)
Tuesday, May 17 (Morriston, TN) Invite only. See me for details.

Hal in the News (Good, Bad or Otherwise)