Jun 1, 2013

Back in Business

The Weathervane is back in business.  After taking a year off from blogging about my life in politics, I have decided to give it ago again.  I did not have time during the campaign to post or blog.  It just was not an option. Now that we have won, gotten settled in and start to have some sense of normalcy to our schedule, I would like to start posting again.  If you are interested in following great, but I am going to change up the format of the blog.  My focus now will be on my family, insights (political and otherwise) of my time in Raleigh, North Carolina history and all things Southern.  I will pay particular attention to my geneology as we recently learned of some interesting twists in my heritage that literally rocked our core understanding of who we (the Weatherman family) are in this world. Hope you enjoy.