Feb 21, 2011

Upcoming Connect the Dots Presentations

In case you are interested, I will be conducting the Connect the Dots (2.0) presentation several times in the upcoming weeks in this region. If you are interested in details, email me at hweatherman@hotmail.com and I will send to you. Following are some of the dates/locations of upcoming presentations (non-exclusive list):

Tuesday, Feb. 22nd (Charlotte, NC)* This is a special showing of a similar presentation by a friend of mine, whom I will be introducing and moderating. Invite only. Contact me for details.
Monday, Feb. 28 (Washington, DC). Invite only event. See me for details.
Saturday, March 5 (Columbia, SC). Invite only event. See me for details.
Monday, March 7 (Charlotte, NC)
Tuesday, March 8 (Stanley County, NC)
Monday, March 21 (Cabarrus County, NC)
Saturday, April 9 (Davidson, NC)
Tuesday, May 17 (Morriston, TN) Invite only. See me for details.

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