Jan 17, 2010

Elkin Stump Speech: Weatherman Style

For all of you who either live in Elkin, used to live in Elkin or want to consider moving to Elkin, NC, I invite you to attend a banquet on February 26th at 6:30 pm, where I have the honor of serving as the keynote speaker.
This will be a fun night and hopefully entertaining. I will be giving an outsider's look at a wonderful place I used to call home. My understanding is that the limited tickets are nearly all sold, so hurry up and buy one.
Proceeds go to benefit the group (CACHE) that is fighting the proposed Fibrowatt plant in Elkin. It is not too late to stop this thing. Please help.
Not familiar with Elkin? Consider Napa Valley 20 years before its prime, and right when it starts to take off, the town builds a manure burning plant. Get the picture?
For those of you who grew up with me and me with you when we all lived in Elkin, please come out. I would love to see each of you and catch up.
Details for the event are as follows:

Citizens’ Alliance for a Clean, Healthy Economy (CACHE) presents:
Envisioning Elkin’s Future in the Yadkin Valley
Friday, February 26
6:30 PM
Elkin First Methodist Church
Featuring Guest Speaker Hal Weatherman
Chief of Staff for US Representative Sue Myrick
Tickets: $20 per person (Tax Deductible)
Tickets Available from any CACHE Member, or call 336-366-3567 or 336-366-3444

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