Jan 9, 2010

New Developments on the US Border

Following are pictures I took this week along the San Diego section of the US-Mexican Border. Two developments of which you need to be aware. First, there is now a steady trend of illegal aliens from countries of interest coming up through Venezuela, where they perfect their Spanish (sometimes for up to two years), often change their middle eastern names to Latino-sounding names, procure false Venezuelan documentation and then present themselves at the US border seeking entry as Venezuelans.

Second, there is an up tick in the numbers of illegals coming across the Southern border with Hezbollah and Hamas tattoos on their person. The implication of this trend is obvious. It rather obviously implies relationships between the drug cartels (whom you must have permission from to cross the Mexican border from the Mexican side if you are a smuggler) and those terrorist organizations. Gang members bearing the tattoos of both their gang and middle eastern terrorist organizations, living in the United States should not make you feel especially safe.

Let me just say that the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) does so much, with so little. Congress as a whole does not support them at the levels they should. Every member of Congress should be required to tour the US border and see the crap these men and women have to put up with and how little resources they have to do their jobs. They are literally on the front lines of securing the nation. The illegal transhipment of bad guys through Venezuela is unacceptable. Perhaps our President should spend less time shaking hands with Chavez and more time shaking hands with our border agents.


  1. When I read this it makes me want to go nuts. The major function as defined by our Constitution for the Federal Government is to PROTECT THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITIED STATES, not allow us to continue to be invaded.