Apr 18, 2010

Latest Poll Numbers: Good News for Republicans

Latest Poll Numbers Look Good for Republicans:

Reposted from US News and World Report:

Rasmussen Poll Shows GOP With Big Edge On Generic Ballot New polling data out from Rasmussen Reports shows the GOP with 45%-36% lead on the generic Congressional ballot. Among independents, Republicans lead 46%-19%. Rasmussen notes that "since the beginning of the year, the Republican lead hasn't dipped below seven points." The poll surveyed 3,500 likely voters from April 5-11. Several other polls out earlier this week also showed the GOP with a significant lead. A Gallup survey of 1,613 registered voters taken April 5-11 shows Republicans up 48%-44%, while a Wilson Research Strategies (R) survey of 851 registered voters taken April 5-7 for the South Republican Leadership Conference shows the GOP up 42%-34%.

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