Nov 22, 2010

Sue Myrick on Huckabee: Studio Photos

Sue taped a Huckabee show this past Saturday in NYC. Had a great time. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Here are some of the backstage photos. Got some cool autographs. Show will air Nov. 27 and 28th. Discussion focused on terrorism related issues.

Singer BJ Thomas and Sue. He sang Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head. Cool guy.

Sue with Woody Frazer, executive producer of the show and legendary producer in his own right. Woody was the guy who created the Mike Douglas show and other long running main stays on tv like Good Morning America and That's Incredible to name but a few.

Sue with bluegrass and country music star, Ricky Skaggs

Sue with Danny Danon, deputy speaker of Israel's Knesset and probable future prime minister of Israel.

Former Carolina 14 anchor, and now Fox News reporter, Heather Childers stopped by to visit.

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