Jun 25, 2009

And You Thought the DMV Lines Were Long...

For those of you who think the United States should adopt a Canadian styled health program, please consider the following:

Let's say you are a woman living in Canada. You detect a lump in your breast and want to get it checked out.

You schedule the first available appointment with the doctor. The wait time to see the doctor is 21 weeks (ave. wait time in Canada).

When you finally see the doctor, he/she diagnoses the lump as Cancer, and schedules you for surgery ASAP. In Canada, ASAP translates into an 18 week waiting period.

So all told, from the moment you detected the lump to the day it was removed was 39 weeks (9 months). 9 months that the tumor inside you grew larger and larger and spread further and further.

Odds are you will die from this process.

Welcome to Canadian Health Care.

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