Jun 18, 2009

Brigitte Gabriel: Q and A

Following is the first in a series of interviews I'm conducting with prominent agenda-setters in our country.

Today's interview is with NY Times Bestselling author and founder and President of ACT for America, Brigitte Gabriel, whose lastest book, They Must Be Stopped, is currently available at all bookstores nationwide.

1. What is ACT for America and why did you start it?

ACT! for America is a national grassroots issues advocacy organization dedicated to protecting America’s security and freedoms from the multiple threats posed by radical Islam. I founded ACT! for America because I realized that, while education about the threat of radical Islam is necessary, it’s not sufficient. It will take informed and organized grassroots action to pressure elected officials to ignore political correctness and do what is necessary to protect America from the ever-growing threat of radical Islam.

2. What in your personal background drove you to start this organization?

Growing up in Lebanon I witnessed first-hand how radical Islamists take advantage of the tolerance and liberties afforded to them. I saw how, when they felt strong enough, they turned on the very Lebanese Christians who welcomed them in the name of multi-culturalism. I saw how attempts to accommodate the increasingly aggressive demands of the Islamists simply emboldened them and made them more aggressive, until they felt powerful enough to strike us militarily.
The same thing has been happening in Europe and Great Britain for the past 30 years.
I believe it was Albert Einstein who wrote “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” America is the last, best hope to stop the worldwide rising tide of radical Islam. We must not repeat the mistakes that were made in Lebanon, Europe and Britain. History shows that when radical Islam surges it takes organized resistance to stop it. That is what we are building with ACT! for America – organized resistance to the rising tide of radical Islam.

3. Is America in danger, and if so, from whom?

America is in danger from both violent jihad, which includes acts of terrorism, and “cultural” or “stealth jihad.” What most Americans do not yet understand is that radical Islamists generally see themselves, and rightly so, as following in the footsteps of the prophet Mohammed. Mohammed engaged in or ordered dozens of violent acts during his life, including the beheading of some 800 Jews. In recent years historical revisionists have attempted to cover up these facts, but in the devout Islamic world the prophet’s use of violence to advance Islam is understood and emulated. Mohammed also counseled stealth in dealing with enemies of Islam, which has given modern-day Islamists the model to follow for trying to subvert societies from within, or what is known as “stealth jihad.”

4. Name three things all Americans should know but don't with regards to the dangers we face as a nation.

First, the “extremism” of radical Islamists is actually more in harmony with the Islam practiced by Mohammed than the Islam practiced by so-called “moderates.” An objective study of the holy books of Islam, Islamic history, and the life of Mohammed leaves the student with an inescapable conclusion – that while there are many peaceful Muslims, Islam, historically and doctrinally, has never been a religion of peace. Second, the typical approach of the West to deal with problems, i.e., through “negotiation” and “dialogue” in the hopes of achieving a mutually agreeable solution, will not work when dealing with radical Islamists. They see such an approach as weakness and an acknowledgement that Islam is in fact superior to all other religions, and thus divinely destined to rule the earth. And third, that Islam is as much a supremacist political ideology as it is a religious belief. Thus, it is distinctively and disturbingly different from Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.

5. How can I get involved with ACT for America?

Log on to our website, http://www.actforamerica.org/. There you can sign up for our free daily email alerts, find out where local chapters are, and join thousands of patriotic Americans who are doing something about protecting America. I also encourage our readers to get my latest book "They Must Be Stopped" Why we must defeat radical Islam and how we can do it. Learn and pass on the knowledge. Become an activist. It doesn't take many people to change the world, it only takes a dedicated few.

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