Aug 7, 2009

Double Standard?

Hal Weatherman discusses the double standard that exists between Members of Congress and the general public in the current health care debate.


  1. Hal, not been on Twitter long, but did find you. Love the Healthcare 1minute vid. You tell 'em! I'll have to figure out how to share your link with some others.

    Scott Simpkins

  2. Thank you, Sue Myrick!!! So proud to have you representing North Carolina!!!!!!

  3. Stupid and off topic. The healthcare reform package doesn't "impose" a healthcare plan on anyone. After it passes, I will still have the same coverage I have today. But if I lose my coverage, I will have an option that I don't currently have - the public one. Members of congress and the president have health insurance - just like I do - and they, just like I, will keep that coverage after the healthcare reforms pass. So now. Its not germane. In fact, the amendment imposed on congress what it doesn't impose on anyone else. So its right to have been removed.