Aug 22, 2009

I'm Not A Nuclear Engineer... But I Did Stay at a Holiday Inn Express Last Night

I enjoyed my time yesterday at the South Mecklenburg Rotary Club. Ok, you guys are intense on this Health Care subject!

I equally enjoyed the frank energy discussion with city councilman John Lassiter and County Commission Chairwoman Jennifer Roberts on Thursday at the nuclear round table cluster. Found it funny that I passed my business cards out to the right and Jennifer passed hers out to the left.
Talking to nuclear engineers made me feel like the guy in the Holiday Inn Express commercial. You know the one where the tour participant in the white coat helps avert a nuclear reactor meltdown, because he had a good night's rest at the Holiday Inn.
Clearly they are all brilliant. I on the other hand, have yet to figure out how to replace the batteries in my cam corder.

At any rate, I enjoyed both events. Check back first of next week for an update speaking schedule. Hope to see you soon.

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