Aug 28, 2009

Health Care Town Hall Meetings

Sorry I have not posted often this week, but I have literally been on the road with Sue for three straight days. We wrapped up the third of three town hall meetings last night in Gaston County. All three events ended at 11:00 pm each night. Sue took each question asked - four hours worth each night. Check back tomorrow and I will post a ton of photos of our travels and meetings including the town hall meetings.

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  1. I was at the Tuesday night was awesome! I know that had to be an enormous undertaking for all of you. I have always been proud of Sue, but she knocked my socks off at that town hall meeting. She has so much class, and more caring for her constituents in her little finger that most Reps. have in their whole body.
    Props to you guys for putting together such a successful series of meetings. (Kay Hagan's "town hall" on the Keith Larson show didn't go that well LOL...)