Mar 9, 2010

Charlotte Media: Wouldn't Know a Good Story if It Stood Behind a Podium Right in Front of Them

Here is a photo taken during Sue Myrick's town hall meeting with the local Muslim community in Charlotte. The person behind the podium is nationally known speaker, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser. You might recognize Jasser from his appearances on national television. He is a Conservative practicing Muslim who openly talks against the radicalization happening in America today. During the town hall meeting, Jasser, pointed out that some in the audience were in "denial" about the radicalization as evidenced by their failure to speak out against it. He also pointed out for the first time in public (to my knowledge) the fact that the Charlotte Islamic Center (ICC) was owned by NAIT, the North American Islamic Trust - a group the US Justice Department named as an un-indicted co-conspirator to the Holy Land Foundation Trial (Dallas, TX 2008) - a trial that resulted in convictions of 108 counts of money laundering to the terrorist group HAMAS. During that trial, NAIT was linked to the Islamist group, Muslim Brotherhood. The photo you see here is the Charlotte Media Corps during Jasser's speech where some of this information is being shared. Notice they are not filming. They are not even listening. They either could care less, or more than likely do not have the discernment to understand what is being discussed right in front of them.

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