Mar 20, 2010

Illegals Want Amnesty, Americans Want Jobs

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  1. Here is a suggestion for the Reclaim American Jobs Caucus and their staffers. Provide the statistics mentioned in the video at each members Website. Voters must be able to copy the statistics and pasted to e-mail with links to the video. Those out of jobs must get involved and send this to their family, friends, etc. We must get active because the Obama administration is about to shove illegal immigration on us just as they did with health care.

    Obama must have more Democrat voters. They will then start an automatic voter registration for all persons whose names appear on health care records, light bills, etc. It will make no difference if the people move from California to Texas, their names will continue to be on rolls. They can then vote by mail at each district or location in which they have lived. Look for universal voter registration. Google the article, Democrats Plan to Steal the Vote, Chelsea Schilling. How to lock Democrats in power, by James Simpson.