Mar 9, 2010

Financial Jihad Seminar in DC

You are cordially invited to a Family Policy Lecture at the Family Research Council
“Financial Jihad: How Radical Islam–through Wall Street–Threatens America’s Families and Freedom”
WHO: Joy Brighton Islamic Banking Specialist
WHEN: Thursday, March 11, 2010 11:00 a.m. (EST)
WHERE: Family Research Council
Media Center 801 G Street NW Washington, DC 20001
RSVP: 800-225-4008 or online at (Click on Events)
You must RSVP to be admitted to this lecture.
This lecture will be available online at on March 12.
Complimentary lunch will be provided after the lecture.
Joy Brighton, MBA, is a former Wall Street trader who is part of an international team of experts concerned about the non-transparent risks of the Shariah Islamic Finance Investment market. Joy was a fixed-income salesperson/trader for Lehman Brothers and a mortgage pipeline hedge trader for Chase Home Mortgage. Joy has taught courses in securities and investments at various colleges. Joy also worked as an executive coach, catering to investment professionals. In 2008, she created, a project of ACTforAmerica. Joy is a graduate of Fordham University with a Masters in Counseling and a graduate of Columbia Business School.
Joy speaks with Congress and other groups concerned about national security and the preservation of free capital markets as an Islamic Banking Specialist.
Ms. Brighton is also active in women’s rights and partnered with SAVE THE CHILDREN in 1998 to create one of the first microfinance programs and literacy courses for women in Mozambique.

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