Sep 30, 2010

Poltical Correctness or Just Stupidity?

Many of you have called or emailed asking if we are aware of the following story that broke this week. The story is that the FBI, through the FBI Citizens Academy gave a behind the scenes tour of the National Counterrorism Center to a known Hamas operative. We are aware of it and are checking into it. If this is true it is troubling but not surprising. This is the type of outreach that several federal agencies have been doing for some time now that shows a lack of discernment of the difference between Islamic and Islamist groups. We have found almost universal illiteracy withing the federal bureaucracy, law enforcement and military ranks as to the danger of outreaching to Islamist groups. Without this discernment, we are creating a clear and present danger to our national security. This is exactly why we held a round table last week with non Islamist Muslim groups in DC, to start educating the federal government agencies that those are the groups their Muslim outreach should be targeting, not the Islamist groups. Until they get this point, they will keep making mistakes like this FBI tour made. Will keep you posted as much as I can about what we find out about this situation. If you have not seen the original story I am referencing please check out the link below. Patrick Poole did a good job breaking this story. As a disclaimer, I too am a graduate of the FBI Citizens Academy.


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