Sep 24, 2009

Ahmadinejad Proclaims The Annointed One is Soon to Appear

Much attention has been given to yesterday's remarks of Iranian President Ahmadinejad to the United Nations General Assembly.

I applaud the delegations from the countries who walked out on this man and left him to a near half empty chamber.

But I want to use his speech as an opportunity to point out a key belief Ahmadinejad holds that is shared by millions if not billions of people around the globe. His belief in the appearance of the 12th Imam.
Most Americans are not aware of this belief, so allow me to share it with you.
Following is a direct transcript of the closing paragraph of Ahmadinejad's remarks yesterday. I remind you, these remarks were made to the General Assembly of the United Nations, and broadcast live on CNN to a worldwide audience. I have marked in bold type key words and phrases:
"My Friends, Fortuitously, opportunities are accessible. With the grace of God Almighty, the existing pillars of the oppressive system are crumbling. Great developments in favor of humankind as well as its true and real rights are on the way. A golden and brilliant future is awaiting mankind. A global community filled with justice, friendship, brotherhood and welfare is at hand, as I have elaborated. A community which will tread the path of beauty and love under the rule of the righteous and perfect human being, the One promised by all divine prophets and the One who is the true lover of humanity. A community that will be devoid of any fear, despair and privation. Such a community will soon be ours. The community promised by the great divine Prophets Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ and Mohammad (PBUH) is about to materialize. Let us, hand in hand, expand the thought of resistance against evil and the minority of those who are ill-wishers. Let's support goodness and the majority of people who are good and the embodiment of absolute good that is the Imam of Time, The Promised One who will come accompanied by Jesus Christ, and accordingly design and implement the just and humanistic mechanisms for regulating the constructive relationships between nations and governments. Oh great Almighty, deliver the savior of nations and put an end to the sufferings of mankind and bring forth justice, beauty, and love. Friends; Lets have a proper share in the establishment of that illuminated and promised divine age."

Ahadinejad believes that the end times of the world are near. He wants to have as he says, a "proper share in the establishment" of the return of this new era of the world.
He believes that the Promised One, is coming soon.
This promised one is none other than the 12th Imam. The concept of the 12th Imam is based on the Shia Muslim belief that the Quran teaches of the return of Muhammad al-Mahdi, a man born in the year 869 (A.D.) but whom they claim did not die, will return to earth to usher in an era of peace and Islamic rule. There are many titles given to the 12th Imam. He is called the Guided One, The Rising One, the Awaited One, and on and on.

What is most important to know is that most believers in the return of the 12th Imam, believe that he will appear on the world scene in a time of world chaos and civil war. This is what you need to know.
Ahmadinejad is trying his best to build a nuclear weapon's program, and by some estimates might only be months away from completion.
Ahmadinejad has vowed to "wipe Israel off the face of the earth."

Ahmadinejad believes a world in chaos will usher in the arrival of the 12th Imam.

A nuclear attack on Israel would cause a world in chaos.

Ahmadinejad told the world yesterday that he believes the arrival date for the Anointed One is soon.
Got it?

I just wanted to make sure you understood what he was really saying.

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