Sep 19, 2009

NC To Train Illegals To Compete Against US Citizens

You probably saw by now that yesterday the NC Community College Board voted to allow illegal immigrants to attend our community colleges.

The board voted 20 to 1 in favor of this new policy.

I oppose this move and thought that our Governor did too, as she openly campaigned against the community college doing exactly this action. Oh well, say one thing, do another, what's new?

The board tried to nuance their decision by putting certain criteria in place.

First, the illegal immigrant can go to community college if they first graduated from a NC high school. Second, they can only register after all legal residents register to ensure they are not taking the seat of a legal resident, and third they have to pay out of state tuition.

I don't know about you, but these three safeguards, do nothing to persuade me that this is a good decision.

First, by stipulating that our community colleges are only open to illegals who first graduate from a NC high school, the state is incentivizing illegals to enroll in our high schools. This is especially true since our neighbor in SC expressly outlaws illegals enrolling in their college system.

Second, the community college system was set up to provide the education and training necessary for our American workforce to be prepared to compete in the global economy. If we are letting in illegal aliens, who are here "illegally" hence the name "illegal alien", then isn't the state actually training illegals to compete against our own American citizens for jobs that are precious in today's world? You bet they are!

Finally, what part of illegal does the board not get? There was a time in our country when people did what was right, for no other reason than because it was right. Immigration is a federal issue, and yes our federal government has failed miserably at it. I understand that, but on behalf of those of us who have not given up the fight, shame on you NC for throwing in the towel.

And just so we are clear, there are 21 members on the community college board, 10 are appointed by the Governor(D). The LT Governor (D) sits on the board, as does the State Treasurer (D). One student from the NC Student Government Association serves and the rest are appointed by the state house (D) and state senate (D).

What a difference a Republican Governor would have made.

PS -- Thanks Lt. Governor Walter Dalton for being the one board member to vote against this policy.

PSS-- Thanks Sue Myrick for introducing a bill in Congress that would strip all federal funds of any community college system that willfully admits illegal aliens.

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