Sep 12, 2009

To Jihad or Not to Jihad?... that is the question.

With September 11th just passed, I think it a fair question to ask, have we learned anything about our enemies since that tragic day? Here's a question. A simple one, but one that many people have a hard time answering correctly. With whom are we fighting? Who is our enemy? Is it Al-Quada? Is is Hamas? Is is Hezbollah? Is it some other group, individual, or entity? Do you know? Ask 100 Americans this question, and I bet you get 100 different answers.

One reason there is no clarity of thought as to our enemy, is because your elected leadership in the White House and the Capitol Building have not properly informed the American public of the dangers we face and the enemy that is before us.

Bush took us to war in two theaters of war, but never took us into the war of ideas. The war behind the war.

The ultimate goal of our enemies is the destruction of western civilization, the replacement of our Constitutional form of government, the creation of an Islamic state under the rule of a Caliphate and the implementation of Sharia Law. Are you aware of that fact?

This Islamist enemy self identifies themselves as jihadists. They are followers of a strict interpretation of Islam and Sharia Law.

Do you know what the term Sharia Law means? Do you knows its basic tenets? If I say the word "Abrogation" to you in the context of the Quran, would you understand its meaning? Do you know the word "jihad" has two meanings? Ever heard the term Wahhabi?

If you answered NO to any and all of the above questions, then it proves the point that 8 years after 9/11, we as a country are no closer to understanding the threat we are faced with than we were back then.

Please read the attached letter from US Rep. Sue Myrick to President Obama. We sent it this week. Please start following this issue. The changes that this Administration is implementing in terms of our efforts to fight terrorism head on are dangerous and reckless.

I am still planning on writing a series on the rise of radical Islam, as I posted about earlier this summer. Check back for more updates soon.

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