Sep 7, 2009

Photos of Elkin, North Carolina

I took the following photos of Elkin while I was there over Labor Day. For those of you from Elkin, please check back for my open letter to the town coming out later this week.
My visit this weekend saddened me. I can not believe the lack of vision that has allowed the town to dry up. I know the demise of the textile industry has caused many challenges for small southern towns like Elkin, but Elkin has a lot to offer and I am shocked and appalled that the town has not endeavored to change course. There are so many actions the town should and could do to position itself for an upturn.
As a former Elkin resident and one who returns regularly to visit, my letter will offer several suggestions for action by the town. I hope you will check back and read it and give me your feedback.
Who knows, maybe we can solve some of these problems.

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