Jul 13, 2010

Give Obama A Dollar, He'll Give You Back Some Change

In case you missed this I am re-posting from US News and World Report below. White House Press Secretary gives an peek inside the mindset of the Obama White House. Apparently not all people "deserve" to keep the money they earn.

Re-post from US News and World Report:
Gibbs: No Tax Cut Extension For Those Who Do Not "Deserve" Them Asked, on NBC's Meet The Press, if Democrats will "let the Bush tax cuts expire, in effect creating a tax hike on Americans," White House press secretary Robert Gibbs answered, "The President is not going to, at a time of economic crisis, raise taxes on the middle class," but "for those that weren't asking for them when they got them and didn't necessarily either need or deserve them, they're not going to have their tax cuts extended. ... For middle class Americans, who have borne the brunt of this economic calamity, we're certainly not going to raise taxes on them."

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