Jul 1, 2010


Earlier today, President Obama gave a speech at American University where he basically threw up his hands and gave up on border security. Calling it "unworkable", he outlined his plan to grant amnesty to the illegal aliens currently living here.

I thought I would give a few thoughts on his speech.
First, I am sick and tired of advocates for illegal immigration blurring the terms "immigrant" and "illegal immigrant". There is only one reason to do this, to put opponents of the policy on the defensive by making it appear we are against "legal immigration." I am for legal immigration, but am dead set against illegal immigration. I believe most Americans share this belief. I think most Legal immigrants do as well. President Obama's interchanging of the words is intellectually dishonest and he should be ashamed for doing it.

Second, the President referred to the eleven million illegals who are in our country. When did the number become only eleven million? We were using numbers well over 20 million back during the Bush administration. I know the economy is bad and some of them might have gone back across the border, but I'm going to call BS on this one and suggest that the number might be a lot higher than the 11 million the President is citing.

Third, did I hear correctly when the President said that the "Southern border is more secure now than it's been in the last 20 years?" Unbelievable. Drug cartels running rampant along the Southern Border. Shootouts in the streets of Arizona with illegal alien cartel members and the President feeds us that line? Seriously? Was his TelePrompter broken? Does he actually believe that? Or is he just trying to get us to believe it?

Fourth, he mocked Arizona's attempt to deal with this issue and said that their needs to be a national standard with regards to enforcing illegal immigration. I actually agree with him here. But here is the problem. The current national standard is a joke. I will remind you of the following facts. Under the Obama administration, with regards to enforcing illegal immigration: Administrative arrests are down 80 percent, criminal arrests are down 68 percent, number of criminal indictments are down 74 percent and convictions are down 75 percent. Talk is cheap, but action counts. The President's actions show that he is either not interested in protecting the sovereign border of the United States of America, or not capable. In either case, his failure to act is tantamount to a dereliction of duty in his role as Commander in Chief.

Fifth, he said that the enforcement efforts of a fence and border patrol are not workable. Really? How would he know? Has tried to enforce the border yet? To date, his administration has only built 344 miles of fence along the 2,000 mile border. The Secure Fence Act required 800 miles of fencing. How can he mock the fence for not working, when the damn fence is not built yet?

The President is supposed to protect the sovereignty of the United States. President Obama is giving ours away.

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