Jul 28, 2009

Blue Light Special on Aisle 9


  1. Great explanation, Hal. There are so many other things that can be done to improve healthcare coverage, protect patients privacy and assure the availability of good healthcare to our citizens. Expand and improve Health Savings Accounts, incentivize good health, improve competition among providers and broad and sensible tort reform are just a few.

  2. Relative to your video explanation of the proposed USSHCNC (United States Socialized Health Care for All Americans and Non Citizens)

    Nailed it!!


  3. But didn't you just suggest rationing? Meaning we weed out the poor and let those who have money get the coverage they need? I know many people abuse any system, but there are many hard working, self-employed families who only want coverage for basic things, especially for their kids? I hear what you are saying about supply and demand, I just think there has to be some middle ground here.. I would love to hear more solutions then each side bashing each other's ideas..

  4. I think we need to look no further than Sue Myrick's amendment that was voted down last week. If Congress doesn't want to take the health care plan that they are trying to force onto us, it must be a BAD deal.

    It really is that simple!

  5. Great video. You want to find out how the system will be abused? Go ask how many times your grandmother, or someone on Medicare, goes to the Doctor. Find out how much medication they are on. Do you really think the system won't be abused? Do you really think that a system like that is sustainable? Yeah, me neither!

  6. It is just a MEDICAL DATA GRAB

    IF they stop toxic fluoride, chlorine, mercury, aluminum in our water, food and air we would not be the sickest, most diseased nation on the planet! What you put down your gullet is the first defense in Health Care.