Jul 17, 2009

Hal Weatherman Video Series

Starting next week, The Weathervane will launch an issue video series on issues of the day. These short videos will take complex political topics and boil them down to easy to understand levels ideal for dissemination through the web. Check back and give me your input.


  1. ACT! for America – Raleigh Chapter is trying to encourage our 300-plus chapters/ 80,000 members to write and call their two senators and congressional representative asking them to send letters to Sen. Levin, chairman, Senate Armed Service Committee and Rep. Skelton, chairman, House Armed Service Committee requesting both hold hearings on what is and has happened in DoD. Watch the videos and read Coughlin's thesis. Why was he silenced and why hasn't DoD completed the work necessary to identify our true enemy?

    Please e-mail me so I can send you a letter we are circulating asking for DoD hearings on the Stephen Coughlin issue.

    For more information, download and read Stephen Coughlin’s full thesis at: http://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/p16600.xml?genre_id=3

    Watch the videos we have linked to PJTV that shows two whistleblowers explain the situation in their organizations, FBI and DoD. On January 11-12, 2010: Pajamas Media (PJTV) released the two-part The Islamic Infiltration. “Bill Whittle goes to Washington, DC to investigate radical Islam’s influence over our government and access to our national security secrets. Two whistleblowers have the chilling details.”


    Google an article: The Pentagon Mantra: PC Trumps Security?
    by Diana West, January 17, 2008

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