Jul 20, 2009

Gaston County Building

As many of you know, we have Congressional offices in DC, Charlotte and Gastonia. I periodically work out of the Gaston office, and last week was one of those weeks.

I love our Gaston office and thought I would blog about it's coolness today. Our office is located on the corner of W. Main and South Street in downtown Gastonia. We are the one and only tenant in a six story building (tallest structure in Gastonia) and therefore, we technically have access to the entire building... basement to roof.

The building is known as "The Commercial Building" and it was built in 1923. Old timers will remember banking in the building or shopping in what is now our office lobby and foyer, back when it was Sidney's clothing (a woman's retail store).
The basement of the building is creepy... right out of an old black and white movie and includes a boiler room with vintage equipment and an antique bank vault.

When we approached the building's owner about renting the space, the area we took as an office was abandoned and dilapidated.

Today, it is restored to its 1923 luster and even includes a fully functional vintage 1923 elevator that is licensed for operation by the state of North Carolina. It has to be one of the oldest operational elevators in the state
If ever in downtown Gaston County stop by and visit.

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