Jul 26, 2009

Nostalgia by Hal Weatherman: Thad Eure

In 1986, while serving as a Governor's Page for then Governor Jim Martin, I found myself in Raleigh fast food restaurant bathroom, side by side with the late great Secretary of State Thad Eure (1899-1993).

You might remember Thad, as at the time he was the longest serving elected official at any level in the United States. He was North Carolina's Secretary of State from 1936 until 1989 and was known for his trademark bow tie and vintage 1920's era straw hat, you know the type, the one with red, white and blue bunting wrapped around the base.

At any rate, I was a big fan, and at 16 years old, I had not yet been in the personal presence of such a political heavy weight.

So here I am urinal to urinal with Thad Eure, who was probably in his late 80's by this point in his life.

We both looked straight ahead as we took care of mother nature's business, I finishing before he did. As I zipped up, I realized who he was and not thinking I stuck out my hand and blurted out: "Your Thad Eure!"

Obviously, now was not the time to shake hands, but I was star struck and naive.

Calmly and quietly, without missing a beat, Mr. Eure glanced my way and smiled, and while still taking care of his business he simply said: "Yes... Yes I am, and I'd shake your hand now, but mine is busy."

Oh the memories.

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